LAZZARO Magazine brings the world of international fashion to your home. It’s recognized to be the first multi language (Arabic & English) magazine taking care of the real latest fashion, beauty, Celebrities, health, travel and culture trends.

 LAZZARO is a multi-channel source, using print, online and face-to-face delivery to bring actionable information to the consumers & VIP. 

 LAZZARO is the definitive source of Latest fashion trends and news . It tells the stories of those enterprises that are creatively serving readers.

As a social and fashion magazine it’s the expression of a high-end community . The contributors, advertisers and the readers of LAZZARO are members of the community –looking to inspire and to be inspired . 

 You are engaged because the magazine reflects who are you, your values and your interests, we gave the opportunity to the readers to be a part of it by sharing their suggestions and answering our social questions in FACEBOOK and even participating by choosing the article through voting.

 we uniquely target women ages 25-65,  with our growing numbers of FACEBOOK fans ( currently 17400 fans within 8 months only), we found also many of men are admiring and liking our magazine , after all most of the fashion designers are men , and most of the men are also involved in purchasing or selecting the clothes to his wife , daughter , partner …

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